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Rev. Dr. Christopher D. Handy
P.O. Box 29578
Shreveport, LA. 71149

Be strong and have courage. Be strong and have courage in the face of injustice. Be strong and have courage in the face of prejudice and hatred. Be strong and have courage in the face of joblessness and helplessness and hopelessness. Be strong and have courage, in the face of our doubts and fears, in the face of skepticism, in the face of cynicism, in the face of a mighty river. -                                                                                                                       -Barack Obama-

Dear Friends, 

I had to stand up for myself alone and this is what they did to me.  Until all people stand up for what they believe in, the same thing can happen to anyone of you. 

My name is Christopher D. Handy and I welcome you to my website, "Justice For Chris Handy." I am a Author/Lecturer/Educator/Minister/Youth Coordinator/Counselor living in a small town in Louisiana. A great injustice has been committed against me and a 108 innocent youths that were in my mentoring program. These young people came seeking the opportunity to learn a better way of life than the one of crime and hopelessness they were trapped in. My mentoring program was working. It was reaching those that had no other hope. Sadly the program was terminated and many lost their chance for change.

On January 24, 2008 I was terminated from my job leading this program I had created, worked with and for and grown to its current size. I was terminated by the group known as "The Terminators of Hope (Click here)." These so called terminators consisted of Judge Tammy D. Lee (currently serving at the Monroe City Court), Judge Fred Amman (currently serving at the Fourth Judicial Court), and the Clerk of Court Koyne Smith of the Monroe City Court in Monroe, Louisiana. 

Faced with the "Terminators of Hope" and in an effort to reclaim those lost youths, I decided to run for public office as City Marshal. My hope was to bring about a radical change within my community. This was the start of my story, an unbelievable and horrific chronicles of events that at times I still do not believe it happened. That is until I look at the scars. I am very concerned when it comes to the human issues. It reminds me of the times when I had to struggle as a youth growing up in my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana. It seems as though people has not changed in this state and are still on the rampage of injustice. We must stand together in this fight so that we will not lose that scriptural interpretation that says," If you continue in my word, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".  However, I don't think that many of us wants to know the truth because we have lived in lies so long. It has corrupted our lives so long until we don't know the truth from an untruth. You see real men are standing on the corner of justice and unreal men are running in the streets of injustice. I call to just men and women of God and I call to unjust men and women of the world! God will judge the quick and the dead and He will not leave us alone. Jesus said that "Lo, I'm with you always, even until the end of the world". No matter what man says or how humanity groans it is not their call, God is with us. All we have to do is just stand and continue to stand no matter what the circumstances are or what seems like there is no hope. 

My website is an outcry for justice and a desperate plea for help from any and all who can help or support me in my attempts to get my story from behind the wall of silence to a world where others who suffer as I have may find the strength to press forward and not give up hope. In this website you will read a powerful story and if you are moved to help, please step forward. Help us in this cause to bring about change. The time has come for good men and women to come to the service of justice. The future of our youths needs your help. I need your help. I seek to engage with a community of others who know that injustice can only triumph in silence and darkness. I am looking for those who would help me shed light and bring justice back to a community of voiceless youths who will grow up to be American citizens that America would one day be proud of and care for. May God guide you as you search your hearts for the ways you can be of service for this just and righteous cause. We must keep our head up high and our eyes on the sparrow. I thank you and God Bless You.

In His Service,
Christopher D. Handy

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."
-St. Matthew 5:6-

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